Egypt: National Electoral Authority Streamlines Access to Electoral Commission through Innovative Website

The Digital Revolution of the Electoral Authority: Simplified Access to Electoral Information with the National Number

The National Electoral Authority, under the leadership of Counselor Hazem Badawi, has initiated a crucial effort to enable citizens to inquire about their Electoral Commission for the upcoming presidential elections. Utilizing the national voter ID number, this endeavor aims to streamline the voting process and ensure seamless participation in the elections.

Learn about your electoral committee

Through its official website www.elections.eg, the National Electoral Authority has launched a comprehensive database of polling centers. Citizens can check their polling location for the upcoming presidential elections using their national ID number. This database includes all relevant information about the polling stations, providing a complete overview of the electoral process throughout the republic.

In a bid for flexibility, the National Electoral Authority also allows citizens to change their polling station, provided they stay within the perimeter of their electoral residence. A request for such a change can be submitted via the website until November 15, ensuring that every citizen can exercise their constitutional right with ease.

Deadline for changes and withdrawals

The National Electoral Authority has confirmed that the deadline for candidates withdrawing from their candidacy in the presidential elections is set for the day after tomorrow. Withdrawals will be published in the Official Journal within two days of the withdrawal date. The opportunity to change the polling station remains open until November 15, aligning with ongoing efforts to simplify the citizens’ voting process.

The official website of the National Election Authority www.elections.eg also provides full access to the polling center database, giving citizens all the necessary information to actively participate in the upcoming presidential elections.

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Facilitating the vote of Egyptians abroad

In a series of 19 measures aimed at simplifying the vote of Egyptians abroad in the 2024 presidential elections, the National Electoral Authority, in collaboration with the Ministry of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs, has announced clear procedures. These measures include verifying the citizen’s inclusion in the voter database via the National Electoral Authority website, the need for an address in Egypt, and the possibility of voting with a national ID card even if it is not valid.

National authority website

National authority website

Under the direction of Counselor Hazem Badawi, the National Electoral Authority continues its initiatives to make the electoral process transparent, accessible, and in line with citizens’ constitutional rights. These developments demonstrate the Authority’s ongoing commitment to ensuring fair and inclusive elections, thereby encouraging active citizen participation in choosing their leadership.

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